Recursos para aprender português online

When it comes come online resources, it is important to be aware of the fact that the large majority of sites and online teachers are Brazilian. If you are learning grammar or just reading text, it is not a problem but if you are learning pronunciation or testing your listening comprehension it’s a little bit more complicated because the two languages can “sound” very different.
In the last 2-3 years, several people have realised that there was a lack of European Portuguese online resources and started creating content and offering online courses. Here is a list of resources available now:

Portuguese with Rafa
Rafael Tavares started his own page and video explanations over 6 years ago and has not updated anything since. There’s a lot of “content” in his website and some of it is free of charge. He only produced a few free videos with an animated version of himself (?).

Practice Portuguese
Rui and Joel are a Portuguese-Canadian couple and when they struggled to find online resources for learning European Portuguese they decided to start their own business. They now have their own European Portuguese App and a team of people helping them to grow their business. If you think you can learn a language using an App, I suggest that you try them rather than Duolingo or Babel.

In 2020-2021, some more online resources for European Portuguese were born:

Talk the streets
Liz Sharma is truly in love with Lisbon. She moved to Portugal and started creating videos about her life in Portugal and from there she started her own teaching business catering for the many foreigners who have moved to Lisbon and would like to develop their basic communication skills. Her videos are really fun to watch and she is very prolific. If I am not mistaken, she posts a video on YouTube every week.

Portuguese with Leo
Leonardo practiced medicine for one year and then decided he wanted to do something else with his life so he started creating online content for European Portuguese learners. Apart from his videos on Portuguese culture and the differences between Portuguese and other languages, he also offers a self- study course on Portuguese pronunciation and some grammar videos. I believe he posts a video every month.

Mia Esmeriz Academy
Having taught Portuguese as a foreign language abroad, Mia developed several resources and, after moving back to Portugal, she started her online teaching business. She produces videos, a blog and has many free resources available on her website. She also offers several self-study courses/books.

Falar Português
After getting a master degree in Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Inês started a website to offer online courses. In her website, there are a free free resources (mostly quizzes). She also offer a self-study pronunciation course. In her YouTube videos she only speaks Portuguese.

Nowadays, there are several other websites/people offering learning resources. Please feel free to add them to the comments below.