Cristina Água-Mel


Cristina Água-Mel took her first degree in the University of Coimbra (1992), and subsequently, an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Cork (1996). As a complement to her other studies in Translation (a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists and another in French Commercial Translation from Alliance Française), she undertook an European Masters in Conference Interpreting in the University of Minho, Portugal in 2001/02. In 2005, she completed her doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr Odber de Baubeta, on sociolinguistic aspects of wine advertising in Portugal, The Construction of Identities in Portuguese Wine Advertising. She worked as Portuguese as a Foreign Language Lecturer in Ireland (1992-2000), Belgium (2002-2003), East-Timor (2004-2005), China (2006-2013) and Portugal (2014~). She has also worked as a freelance translator and interpreter in Birmingham, Brussels, Dili, Macau and Lisbon. She is the co-author of 葡萄牙语读写基础教程 [Manual Elementar de Português Falado e Escrito] (Beijing: Commercial Press. 2016).

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